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Aircon Positioning Explained

The aircon positioning in your home and especially your bedroom can be very important. With years of experience and over 100 000 Aircons sold, ACDirect has the best tips as to where the best installation locale would be for your Bedroom.

The following options for aircon positioning are available, and for ease of reference have a look at our drawing of the various aircon positions discussed below.


  1. Centre above the Bed.

Don’t be fooled by thinking and accepting that the best place would be the center above your bed. In fact, this is most probably the worst place and for the following reasons.

  • When the aircon is used for heating (which by the way is the most efficient way to heat your home… but a topic for another day) the hot air is diffused downwards, this causes an annoying draught on your face making it very uncomfortable to sleep.
  • In this heating mode once the set point temperature is achieved the aircon circulates a small amount of air that is now not heated, this also causes a cool uncomfortable draught that is as annoying as the normal diffusion of hot air.

  1. Opposite the Bed
  • Opposite the bed could also potentially be poor aircon positioning because in cooling mode the aircon will be blowing directly onto you while sleeping causing a cool draught blowing onto you.
  • Remember the temperature of the cold air can drop down to a whopping 4 degrees Celsius when it comes out the aircon and you most certainly don’t want this blowing on you. The aircon does however have an option to deflect the air to the left and right with an adjustment on the louvre.

  1. Left or Right above the Bed.
  • This we have found to be the most popular and recommended position for the installation of the indoor unit as the air will diffuse and blow away and not create a draught over your face.

  1. At the foot of the Bed.
  • This also remains a popular position for the aircon as you have the luxury of deflecting the air to the left or right. You won’t be disappointed with this installation location.

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