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AC Direct Installation Terms and Conditions for Wall Split Units


  • Indoor Unit mounted to the inside wall of the room or office.
  • Outdoor Unit mounted onto a set of brackets, on same outside wall not exceeding 3 meter of piping between Indoor and Outdoor Unit.
  • Installation time approximately 2-3 hours.


  • Where required electrical connections for air-conditioners to be carried out by a qualified electrician from distribution board (not included in installation charges).
  • Regarding Electrical Connections we can usually utilise and will try an existing plug point for air-conditioners up to and including 18000 Btu/hr provided that the circuit being utilised is not overloaded with any other appliances. Should the existing point not be successful and or any air-conditioners larger that 18000 Btu/hr we would then require a dedicated electrical connection (not included in installation charges).
  • All  electrical connections would exclude a COC certificate that will be charged extra should it be required.
  • Depending on your location additional travelling costs may be incurred. Please enquire about this if you are not sure.
  • Additional gas piping or drainage piping will be charged by the installer and needs to be negotiated with the installer at time of installation.
  • If the installation takes place at heights where scaffolding is required additional cost may be incurred. This must be negotiated with your installer.
  • Any civil or building works.

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