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Is Air Conditioning Really to Blame for Your Summer Cold?

Summer is around the corner, and while we are all looking forward to some raised temperatures and time outdoors, there is one small factor niggling at the back of our minds. The body-flooring threat of flu that comes with it. Summer flu is often and unfairly associated with the use of air conditioning during this time, but this is a myth based on flawed logic that associates cold air with getting sick. Well, we are here to defend the noble air conditioner, to get the facts straight, so that you can enjoy yours this coming summer without any worries.

Does Cold Air Make You Sick? Yes and No!

So while air conditioners are often attributed to illnesses because they produce cold air, one should realise that the presence of cold air does not, in itself, actually cause illness. The fact is that viruses and bacteria do. These generally also need a warm climate to reproduce which makes a consistently hot room more dangerous than one that has been cooled by an air conditioner. But now you might be thinking, but how come there is a definite relation between me using the air conditioner, and getting sick? Well, the answer is simpler than you might imagine.

So What is the Actual Cause

While viruses and bacteria are the main reason why we get sick, our bodies are generally well equipped to fight off their invasion.  When our bodies are then exposed to extreme conditions, such as that of the cold produced by an overused air conditioner or by incorrectly setting the temperature, it must allocate more of its resources towards dealing with that. This essentially lowers its ability to fight off infections, making it easier for you to get sick when you have been exposed to a virus. Still, by keeping in good health through a wholesome lifestyle, you should never find this to be a problem.

How you Can Stay Healthy

So while air conditioning isn’t the primary cause of summer flu, it does, in a way enable it. However, by using your air conditioner with care, you can still avoid this. For instance, avoid using your air conditioner for the entire night at a low temperature while you are sleeping, it puts the body under unnecessary stress. It is far better to simply cool the room for an hour or so before going to bed by using the Turbo function and then adjusting the air conditioner to a temperature of 21 deg C, or better yet, use the air conditioner’s timer or sleep function. This way you will be able to enjoy the comfort offered by an air conditioner, without putting yourself at risk.

Be sure when choosing an air conditioner that it has a good filtration system that kills off all the germs and bacteria. These systems are typically available with our ACDirect range of Air conditioners.

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