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AC Direct Frequently Asked Questions

Look and see if we can answer your questions. If not no problem just give us a call.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    The delivery of your product usually takes between 3 to 7 working days from date of order and payment.

  • Can you deliver my Air Conditioner to my farm in the Karoo?

    Yes we can! AC Direct will deliver anywhere in South Africa Free of charge.

  • Is it safe to buy online from AC Direct?

    It is 100% safe because AC Direct uses PayFast as our transacting platform. PayFast is used by all major online stores.

  • What size Air Conditioner do I need for my bedroom?

    Have a look at the “CoolCulator” on the how to buy an aircon page, this will give you a good idea. Usually a 12000 Btu/hr wall split will do the job.

  • Can you install my Air Conditioner in Cape Town?

    Yes we can! AC Direct has approved installers all over South Africa. So we can literally install your air conditioner anywhere in South Africa.

  • Can I return my purchase?

    Absolutely! As long as the product has not been opened and the packaging is in its original condition, please read our return policy.

  • I live in Gaborone, Botswana. Can you deliver my Air Conditioner to me?

    Absolutely we deliver cross border to most African Countries. Send us a web enquiry or email and we will get it done. Web Enquiry

  • How competitive are AC Direct’s prices?

    AC Direct with its buying power is by far the cheapest in South Africa! We are are so confident that if you can get the same product cheaper just let us know!

  • Where is the best place to install my air conditioner in my bedroom?

    Out of experience the best place to install your air conditioner in your bedroom is behind your bed to the left or right of the bed. Installing the air conditioner in the centre could cause uncomfortable drafts. Alternatively you could install the air conditioner on the left or right wall at the foot of the bed. See our recommended installation positions

AC Direct Delivers for Free Anywhere in South Africa!

Whether it be your Farm in the Karoo or your Home in Plettenberg Bay we literally deliver anywhere in South Africa .

    • How often should my aircon be serviced?

      Depending on what aircon system you have, it should be serviced at least once a year, with periodic inspections up to four times per year. Based on your aircons size, age and usage, a service provider such as AC Direct, will be able to tailor a service plan that will meet your requirements and also keep your system running reliably.

    • Why does my air-conditioning system need more refrigerant each year?

      If your aircon needs recharging of refrigerant on a regular basis, it is most likely leaking and needs to be repaired. A leaking refrigerant will not only cause your aircon to lose cooling capacity and use more energy, it is also not good for the environment. One of the worst culprits in the depletion of the ozone layer is refrigerant gases being released.

    • Is my air conditioning able to control humidity in my building?

      When it comes to the humidity of your building, levels that are too low or high are one of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality, this can also result in the spread of airborne illnesses, mold growth and even computer breakdowns.

      When your air-conditioning system is properly designed and controlled, it should keep the air in your building at around 40 and 60% relative humidity. While there are many different methods that have been used to help you aircon remove humidity from the air, one of the most efficient methods involve using the heat that is generated by the aircon itself to cause the unit to run long enough to get rid of more moisture from the air.