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Swimming Pool Heat Pump Buying Guide

Use our “Poolculator” to see what is right for you?
Below you can calculate the cooling or heating capacity required for your swimming pool. Please note that this is only a guide and if you are unsure please give us a call so we can help.
1. What is the size and depth of your swimming pool?
Not all swimming pool heat pumps will work effectively in every pool, so it is important to find the right one to accurately match the size and depth (the volume) of your pool. You can calculate the perfect size and power you need from a swimming pool heat pump using the ‘PoolCulator’ below. Still not sure? Give us a call and we will assist.
2. How powerful should your swimming pool heat pump be?
The amount of heat energy a swimming pool heat pump can generate is given in kW. This rating gives you an idea of how much heating the machine is capable of.
When it comes to swimming pool heat pumps, this measurement means the higher the kW rating, the bigger the pool it can heat and the faster it will heat.
3. What features should you look for?
The features offered by the swimming pool heat pump of choice will have a lot to do with the nature of your swimming pool, how you use it, and what your expectations are. Heat Pumps with a titanium heat exchanger are always something to look out for. Our range of Alliance Swimming Pool heat pumps comes standard with a titanium heat exchanger. Another feature to consider would be the operating temperature range, our heat pumps can heat up to 43 degrees Celsius which is well suited for a jacuzzi application.
4. Should I get a pool blanket?
Thermal Pool blankets keep the warmth of the pool from escaping. Thermal heat blankets also reduce the wind factor which cools the temperature of the pool. By having a thermal heat blanket on your pool, you will reduce the size of the heat pump you require as well as maintaining the heat of water when not in use. Interested in adding a thermal heat blanket to your swimming pool heat pump order? Send us a mail – or give us a call on 016 365 6685.

5. Is bigger better?
With a swimming pool heat pump, it is always better to go bigger. By getting a bigger swimming pool heat pump, you will drastically reduce the time factor required to heat the pool and in turn reduce the running time of the unit. This will allow you to not only use less power over the long run but also allow you to enjoy your pool at the right temperature a lot quicker.
6. What about warranty?
At AC Direct, we are able to offer a brilliant warranty on our range of Alliance Swimming Pool Heat Pumps of 12 months on the unit, 12 months on the heat exchanger and 3 years on the compressor.
7. How do I install my swimming pool heat pump?
Installing a swimming pool heat pump requires connecting the unit to your current pool pump and giving the correct power to the unit. A installation manual is available with detailed instructions on installing your swimming pool heat pump. Download your installation manual here. If you are technical enough, you can even install it yourself!

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