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The History of Every Trane Product Ever

Trane is one of the longest standing brands out there in the air-conditioning industry, with a rich history of well over 100 years. It says it in their logo, ‘You can’t stop a moving Trane’, a sentiment which has been held by the company since its inception in the late 19th century, and carried through to the business they conduct and the products that they manufacture, still today.

Now with thousands of engineers and sales-people world-wide, Trane continues to be a household name, especially where commercial HVAC systems are concerned, and it’s because of their continued innovative efforts that through all of that time, they are still one of the best brands on the market for cooling systems. But let’s find out a little more about their extensive history.

It all Started in 1885 and Became Official in 1913

The Trane brand had relatively humble beginnings, and started with a simple plumbing business started by James Trane, who at the time, didn’t realise that the brand with his name on it would grow to a world-wide phenomenon.

Eventually, in 1913, he was joined in business by his son Reuben, and the two of them started the Trane Company together.

1925: The Graduate Engineer Training Program

Following soon after the invention of the convector radiator, Trane instituted their engineering training program to increase the levels of skilled labour in their industry. This would, in time, ensure that they have all the skills needed available to them, in order to grow their then tiny company into something that spans all corners of the globe.

1950: Self-Contained Air-Conditioning Units

The 1950’s saw a lot of household inventions come to life, many of which we still use today. The self-contained air-conditioner was one of them, and it was this invention that paved the way for Trane to become the industry super-stars that they are today.

1984: American Standard Inc.

After many years of development and an increase in popularity, Trane eventually became part American Standards Inc. Founded in 1977, American Standards Inc. became one of the leading manufacturers in plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

This amalgamation allowed Trane to develop better products through more intensive research and a greater market share; further boosting their capacity for service excellence and product quality.

2013: A Century of Excellence

By 2013 (not that long ago in the grand scheme of things), Trane had grown into a world-wide enterprise that became synonymous with quality and reliability. Up to this point they had undergone many periods of growth, challenges, innovations and changes; all of which helped them to better meet the demands of their industry (and why not, 100 years is plenty of time to adapt to a changing market).

A few of their more notable developments include their acquisition by Ingersoll Rand in 2008, building a collection of over 700 LEED accredited officials, and entering into the energy management, controls and BAS fields of their industry; allowing them to specialise in commercial setups.

Contact AC Direct to Order a Trane

As you can see, Trane is clearly a brand that is here to say, and with such an extensive global presence, they have plenty of high-quality products and ranges to offer. If you would like to know more about sourcing a Trane air conditioner or HVAC unit from AC Direct, take a look at our online store, or get into contact with us today.


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