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The Daikin R-32 Features & Benefits

The introduction of R-32 refrigerants into their air conditioning technology has made Daikin the first manufacturer of residential use aircons that make use of it.
The manufacturer has been able to do this thanks to the fact that they manufacture both air conditioners and refrigerants, allowing them to merge the two expertise to create an air conditioning product that not only performs beautifully, but far more efficiently than those using the standard R-410A refrigerant.
Let’s take a closer look at the difference this has made:

Unique Properties of R-32 Refrigerants

When compared to standard R-410A refrigerants, Daikin’s own R-32 has a significantly lowered impact on the environment, producing only around a 3rd of the emissions of older refrigerants.
While R-410A refrigerants do boast a 0.0% ozone depletion rate (a trait shared by R-32 refrigerants), they still account for a fairly high volume of greenhouse emissions, contributing to an ever worsening state of global warming.
With just a third of the emissions, R-32 refrigerants have a 100-year global warming potential of just 675. This is significantly lower than the global warming potential offered by the widespread use of R410A refrigerants, which comes in at a comparatively higher value of 2,090.
In fact, the difference between the two is so profound that if every aircon in developing countries had to convert to R-32 refrigerants, it is estimated that CO2 levels would be dropped by 800 million tons (or 19%) by the year 2030.

Personal Benefits for Residential Users

The more immediate benefits to using Daikin R-32 refrigerant-based air conditioners are that they are significantly lighter on power consumption, and they do this without having to sacrifice on performance or reliability.
As a result, they are a far more cost-effective solution for managing temperatures in your home.

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