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Staying Cool with Daiken

Daikin air conditioning systems have been proving themselves and streamlining their cooling solutions for close to a century. If recent heatwaves in South Africa have you ready to pack for Antarctica, we have ideas about easily and effectively bringing Antarctica’s cooling vibes to you instead.
History of Daikin
The innovation of Daiken saw them manufacturing aircraft radiator tubes as early as 1924 to manufacturing fluorochemicals by 1935. By 1938 air-conditioning and refrigerators were Daiken’s primary focus, revolutionising Japan forever with the development of the country’s first packaged air conditioner in 1951.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential
With a history like that, it’s no surprise that Daiken remains one of the leading brands for air-conditioning systems, over 68 years later. Daiken has made ground-breaking advancements for air-cooling systems over the years and has been the reason for many ‘firsts’ across the residential, commercial and industrial markets.
What Makes their Products Unique?
A rich history and dedication to progress over the years has seen Daiken’s air-conditioning products focus on energy efficiency, comfort and reliability. Energy management tools and renewable sources of energy guarantee that energy savings are a priority for their products whilst iconic design and superior engineering ensure quality and comfort. Daikin’s air conditioning systems are also designed for ease of installation and minimal space occupation.

Supply and Installation of Aircons
Finding a reliable supplier willing to ensure seamless installation should be one of your top priorities if you are hunting for an air conditioner. Considering Daikin? Get in touch with the team at AC Direct, or if you’ve made a decision about which aircon would be right for you, request a quote from us today, or buy your Daikin unit and have it installed using our online store. Stay cool!