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How to Save Money on Air-Conditioning this Summer

With summer fast approaching, our spirits are not the only thing that is rising. That’s right, so is the cost of cooling your home in those hot months to come. While many households consider cooling to be a necessary expense (and we believe that it is), there are in fact ways to ensure that your air conditioners work both effectively and economically to reduce your power-bills at the end of each month. So, to help you to take better charge of the expenses of running your home this summer, here are some tips to make your air conditioner more effective, at less of a cost.

Make your Home airtight

Cooling your home will only work effectively if the rooms you are cooling are properly sealed and insulated. So make sure that you close all windows and doors (especially those exterior ones) when running the AC, to ensure that it is performing optimally. Leaving openings will just create spaces for cool air to escape, which will force your AC to compensate for this by working harder, essentially chewing through your power bills while not effectively cooling the home.


Focus on insulating your home.

By installing insulation in the ceilings you will prevent any additional heat loads arising that may put more strain on the air-con; thus consuming more electricity. The insulation not only prevents heat from entering into your space in summer, but most importantly, prevents the escape of the heat that the aircon produces in winter also, making it the most cost effective way to then heat your home when it’s cold.

Upgrade your Unit

Newer AC models are built to be compliant with energy regulations, meaning that they operate far more efficiently than older ones. Aside from that, older units will lose effectiveness with age, and end up chewing through power. If you have been using the same one for decades (or realistically less than that), perhaps now is the time to have it replaced.

Position Your Thermostat correctly

The position of your thermostat will directly affect the efficiency of your AC. If, for instance, it is kept in a particularly warm place, it won’t register when the ideal temperature is reached, and as a result will keep on working to cool the room when it really doesn’t need to. Today’s newer air-cons have built in thermostats that measure the returning air temperature and adjusting the aircon to work at its most efficient setting.

Keep your Settings temperate

While it might be tempting to simulate arctic conditions in the bedroom before snuggling up, it is not a great idea in terms of your power bill. Even the most efficient units will eat through power if you keep them at extreme settings, and in some cases, this could also be bad for your health. Find a nice, comfortable temperature and stick to it, and you will notice the difference in your running costs immediately. After years of experience ACDirect recommends a setting of 21 degrees Celsius for summer and 20 degrees Celsius for winter.

Contact ACDirect for a New Air-Conditioner

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner for summer, be sure to take a look at our online store for details on our products. Alternatively, feel free to get into contact with a representative from AC Direct for further information on our offers.

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