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Myths About Air Conditioning Debunked

Considering how long air conditioner have been around for, and how widely they are used, it isn’t very surprising that there are a great many myths surrounding the technology. And since not many of us are qualified air conditioner technicians, it isn’t always easy to separate the fact from the fiction. Many people will go their whole lives believing what they were told about air conditioners, never checking to see if it is true or not; so to help clue you up a little, here is the truth behind some of the most commonly spread myths about air conditioners.

A Fan Can Be Just as Effective as an Air Conditioner

On a particularly hot day, a fan will only add to the wind chill factor in a room; and while this may provide immediate relief from the heat, it won’t actually cool the room down. Besides this, they will only make a portion of a room more comfortable, since they don’t have the permeating cooling power of an air conditioner to dissipate the heat in the room.

Air Conditioners are Only Able to Cool the Air

The clue to debunking this myth is in the name ‘air conditioner’, that is to say that they condition the air to a certain type of climate. They act to cool the air it is true, but on top of that they can dehumidify the air, heat it, as well as clean it.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

There is a common belief that if you need more cooling power, it is a good idea to get a bigger unit. Remember though that your unit has no way of telling how big the room is, it will work in its capacity to cool it anyway. All you will achieve by upgrading to a bigger unit than your room needs is raising your energy costs; the results will ultimately be the same, but more expensive.

Repairs can Replace Maintenance

As with any appliance, maintenance is an important task that should be conducted regularly. You might be tempted to ignore the hassle however, and only have work done on the AC when it is acting up. The truth is that this will cost you more in the long run and will also limit the lifespan of your unit. It is much better, therefore, to have it maintained regularly instead.

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