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Alliance Pool Heat Pumps for a Winter that Goes Swimmingly

As the seasons change and summer comes to an end, people all over the country are pulling covers over their swimming pools, only to use them again once the temperature rises. Few things are more discomforting than taking a dip in an arctic pool, so this is no surprise. But if you are a swimmer at heart, this means a few long, cold months of not doing what you love. Unless you’ve invested in a swimming pool heat pump from Alliance, then taking a dip in icy weather becomes remarkably refreshing.
So what do you get when you invest in a heat pump from Alliance?
A Year ‘Round Summer
The most obvious benefit comes in a heat pump’s primary objective. That is that it heats your pool to roughly 43 degrees. This means that it won’t only be temperate, but will provide a relaxing and enjoyable swimming experience, even during the worst bouts of cold weather.
Swimming pool heat pumps are an excellent alternative to solar heaters as well, since they operate regardless of the weather. Our heat pumps will keep your pool comfortable even when the sun isn’t out; can you say the same about solar heating?
Vastly Reduced Heating Costs
Out of all of the heating solutions you could opt for, swimming pool heat pumps from Alliance are extremely power efficient, especially when used alongside a pool blanket. These devices work off of a system of heat extraction using an evaporator air coil which intensifies heat through a compressor, and pumped through to a heat exchanger.
This heat is then collected again by the evaporator air coil, so that it can be recycled. This makes it not only energy efficient, but also eco-friendly, since they don’t add to pollutants in the atmosphere.
A Hardy Solution for Year ‘Round Heat
Alliance swimming pool heat pumps also require very little long-term maintenance thanks to their durable and corrosive resistant titanium heat exchangers. This means that you will be saving even more on repairs and maintenance in the long run.
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