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Air Conditioners: Should I Buy Them Online or In-Store?

It can be difficult deciding which approach to buying an air conditioner to take. Should you go from store to store getting a hands-on feel for the product you are looking for, or should you opt for the convenience of buying from an online air conditioning store. While both have their benefits, the digital age that we live in has made shopping online simple. So if you are torn between which route to take, the following points should help you make up your mind.

Convenience vs. Being There

The benefits of seeing the air conditioner of your choice ‘in the flesh’, and gauging for yourself, the level of its quality, speak for themselves. This is all fine and well when you have the time and ability to travel around looking for the ideal supplier; but let’s face it, you probably have better things to do.

Online shopping, complete with product descriptions, images and often enough, even videos, is actually a good substitute for seeing the product first-hand. On top of that, online purchases provide you with high levels of convenience, allowing you to make, pay for and receive your purchase from anywhere you want.

A Matter of Price

Brick-and-mortar stores have more overheads than online ones, which means that their goods may well come at a greater cost to you, their customer, since they need to cover their own expenses.

Online stores, while still having overheads to cover, generally have far fewer than stores. This means that they have fewer costs when running their business, and can pass those savings on to you with lower priced air conditioners.

Installation and Delivery by 40 Year Aircon Veterans

Worried about installation and delivery? Fear not. The team at AC Direct not only delivers in every aspect, but you can kick back while your units are installed by the most qualified and experienced installers.

40 years in the industry has birthed an after sale service that is unparalleled – AC Direct is not just a general retailer with a broad range of products to be spread thinly over; instead, we focus on air conditioning exclusively. This has cultivated experienced and dedicated teams for after sale service and maintenance.


Ordering online doesn’t exempt you from a warranty for your air conditioning unit. In fact, unlike most retail stores, AC Direct is able to offer brilliant warranties on our units, with some models having warranties that span up to 10 years.

Contact AC Direct for Unbeatable Deals on Air Conditioners

Whether you want to buy online or would prefer to go in-store when buying an air conditioner, be sure to first take a look at AC Direct’s offers on our online store. Visit our site today to see our selection of air conditioning products, or get into contact with us for further details.