Major Service of Wall Split Aircon

R999.00 R799.00

Major Service of Wall Split Aircon

For Wall Split Air Conditioners only

To be booked for January 2020. 



  • Major Service of Wall Split Aircon.
  • This is for a major service of a Wall Split Type Aircon.
  • Excludes for servicing at heights. Please inform ACDirect prior to execution of works if the aircon is higher than ground floor.
  • Servicing aircons  in remote areas must first be confirmed with ACDirect as there might be an addition travel cost.
  • Any cost for scaffolding to execute the Service is excluded. This needs to be highlighted before the service and must be negotiated with the Installer on the day.
  • Having your Aircon Serviced yearly will give you an extended warranty of up to 10 Years on the compressor depending on the make of aircon.
  • Please enquire about our free extended warranty benefits when booking your service.

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