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Benefits Of Purchasing A Portable Air Conditioner For Small

Living Spaces -Choice

If you wish to stay cool while staying within the lockdown rules, portable air conditioners are theeasy choice. Its portability leads to an array of benefits, one of the more evident ones being that they are capable of being used no matter what your living arrangements may be. Whether you find yourself in a room, apartment, flat, a freestanding house or even a living space which does not allow for the installation of wall mounted air conditioners, portable air conditioners won’t let you down and are capable ofoperating in any of these environments.

The list of advantages associated with the portable air conditioner is not exhaustive. Its portable nature means that unlike traditional window air conditioners, it may function without the need to open a window or door in order to expel the hot air being removed from the room. With all windows and doors shut, the portable air conditioner is sure to make the room cooler and to do so swiftly. The closing of all windows and doors also makes the job of all unwanted dust, odours or even criminals, who wish to enter your home, harder.  

Yes, like the portable air conditioner, there are several positives accompanying the purchase of a mounted air conditioner, which is why we at AC Direct stock both mounted as well as portable air conditioners, thereby leaving you with the freedom to make your own choice.  AC Direct offers online shopping which means you can order your product from the comfort of your home. Once you have selected your item, we will personally deliver it to you.

Convenience in Small Spaces

Life is about making smart choices. Making smart choices and simultaneously saving money as a result is always preferred. It would be the smarter and more cost effective choice to purchase a portable air conditioner in situations where you occupy a smaller sized living space.

There are a number of reasons as to why the portable air conditioner would be the sensible decision. Not only is it easy to move around, mounted air conditioners are designed to cool areas of larger dimensions, meaning that by purchasing a mounted air conditioner to cool a smaller area could potentially mean that you have spent money on an air conditioner designed to cool a much larger space. By purchasing a portable unit, you will be the owner of a product which is designed to cool your space efficiently as well as effectively. There is no reason as to why you should buy a product to do more than which is required.

With portable air conditioners cool air is now readily available and able follow you wherever you may decide to situate the device. The choice is yours. If you are hot, all that you are now required to do is to go and fetch your portable device and it will be sure to cool you down promptly, no matter the location. With mounted air conditioners you do not have this freedom, you are limited and will only be entitled to cool down the area where the air conditioner has been mounted.    


As mentioned before, portable air conditioners are, without a doubt, the cheaper option when compared to their mounted counterpart. When purchasing a portable air conditioner, not only will you be saving money on your initial purchase, you will also be saving on your overall monthly expenses. Potable air conditioners are notorious for consuming lower amounts of energy. Saving of costs aside, by making use of a product that uses less energy, to fulfill the same purpose, would mean that you would making a move towards decreasing your carbon footprint and aiding in the attempt to create a healthy environment. 

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Why Having Water Dispensers In Your Office Is A Good Idea

Increase in Productivity

Purchasing a water dispenser for your workspace has many advantages. Up to 60% of the human body is water. It has been scientifically proven that drinking water on a regular basis allows for better concentration and productivity, as water provides the brain with oxygen which gives the brain more power to work at a quicker pace. The quality of the water you are supplying also makes a difference, as a nice cold clean glass of water is better than a lukewarm partially clean glass of tap water. Having access to cold, good quality water will boost the morale of the office. We at AC Direct pride ourselves on our ability to provide products which will improve the overall quality of your office and home.

Cost Efficient and Health

Water dispensers initial costs are quite expensive. The maintenance and electricity which the dispensar uses if far less than a refrigerator.  Not only is the cost of maintenance low, the quality of the water is far better than tap water.

According to research done by experts tap water contains over 2000 different types of toxic chemicals. This makes owning a water dispenser very important as even though the tap water is according to regulations drinkable, water from a water dispenser is of a far better quality and contains less harmful chemicals.

Tap water can begin to decrease in quality overtime due to rust in pumping pipes and /or the contamination of lead or copper passing into your water. Water dispensers have however been able to curb that through the use of filters and replacabble bottles. The bottles of water being used on the machine are easily replaceable and relatively low in cost and there are filter systems that help stop the harmful chemicals contaminating the drinking water.

Business Image

As unusual as it sounds, water dispensers can help strengthen your business image. Every business needs to portray itself positively in front of its customers and employees. Water dispensers can help you  do that, as when your customers walk into your offices and see the water dispenser this shows them that not only are you providing your staff with the basic necessities, your business is also providing its customers with quality and clean water.  By providing water coolers, it shows your customers that your business is detail-oriented and you as an owner care about the bigger picture and the health of the employees. Having a water dispenser is a sign that your business has cash flow to spend the money.

AC Direct is eager to help you help improve your business, and something as simple as providing a water dispenser is one of the ways.

Easy To Maintain

Another benefit is the fact that these products are not complicated when it comes to maintenance and the time taken to maintain the water dispenser is in addition relatively low. It’s low maintenance attributes to the products ever growing popularity and consequently has led to the rise in household and office usage.The maintenance can either be done by a company who offers such services or by the purchaser him or herself.

Here at AC Direct we have a range of different water dispensers that would best fit you.

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