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The Benefits of Buying an Air Conditioner Online

The online shopping scene is exploding in popularity. Our electronic world has made it much easier to buy anything we want, from wherever we are. Of course, online shopping is generally associated with fast-moving consumer goods and electronics. When it comes to appliances such as air conditioners, online shopping is still a very viable option. Don’t believe me?

Here are the reasons why opting to shop at an online air conditioning store is not just viable, but is actually a pretty good idea.

Keep Cool at Your Convenience

The most obvious benefit to buying an AC online is that it is a much more convenient way of doing so. Getting out there and browsing through selection from suppliers is a novel idea, but can be frustrating, and often leads to rushed choices.

Shopping online, however, can be done at your convenience, at any time and also from anywhere with an internet connection. Online shops also provide secure payment methods to ensure your security.

Furthermore, the fact that online shops generally have fewer overheads also means that you can often strike a better deal when shopping online.

Get a Better Overview

When shopping for products online, it is easier to do research on the item you are buying. Once you have made up your mind, all you need to do is add it to your cart and check-out; it’s as easy as that.

Online air conditioning stores give you a detailed overview of a product’s specifications so that you can compare products easily, and make an educated purchasing decision. You can also go online to check for user-reviews of that product, to see how closely it will meet your needs.

Opt for Installation Services

One of the biggest concerns that consumers have when buying an aircon online, is that they won’t manage to install it themselves once it arrives. This is a fair enough concern, since installing air conditioners is no simple task.

However, shopping online doesn’t mean you will need to go the DIY route. With our store, we will send technicians around as part of the service, offering both supply and installations of aircons, to ensure that your unit is professionally installed.

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If you would like to benefit from the convenience of shopping for an air conditioner on our online store, be sure to visit the AC Direct website today, or get into contact with one of our representatives for further details on our offers.

Air Conditioners: Should I Buy Them Online or In-Store?

It can be difficult deciding which approach to buying an air conditioner to take. Should you go from store to store getting a hands-on feel for the product you are looking for, or should you opt for the convenience of buying from an online air conditioning store. While both have their benefits, the digital age that we live in has made shopping online simple. So if you are torn between which route to take, the following points should help you make up your mind.

Convenience vs. Being There

The benefits of seeing the air conditioner of your choice ‘in the flesh’, and gauging for yourself, the level of its quality, speak for themselves. This is all fine and well when you have the time and ability to travel around looking for the ideal supplier; but let’s face it, you probably have better things to do.

Online shopping, complete with product descriptions, images and often enough, even videos, is actually a good substitute for seeing the product first-hand. On top of that, online purchases provide you with high levels of convenience, allowing you to make, pay for and receive your purchase from anywhere you want.

A Matter of Price

Brick-and-mortar stores have more overheads than online ones, which means that their goods may well come at a greater cost to you, their customer, since they need to cover their own expenses.

Online stores, while still having overheads to cover, generally have far fewer than stores. This means that they have fewer costs when running their business, and can pass those savings on to you with lower priced air conditioners.

Installation and Delivery by 40 Year Aircon Veterans

Worried about installation and delivery? Fear not. The team at AC Direct not only delivers in every aspect, but you can kick back while your units are installed by the most qualified and experienced installers.

40 years in the industry has birthed an after sale service that is unparalleled – AC Direct is not just a general retailer with a broad range of products to be spread thinly over; instead, we focus on air conditioning exclusively. This has cultivated experienced and dedicated teams for after sale service and maintenance.


Ordering online doesn’t exempt you from a warranty for your air conditioning unit. In fact, unlike most retail stores, AC Direct is able to offer brilliant warranties on our units, with some models having warranties that span up to 10 years.

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Whether you want to buy online or would prefer to go in-store when buying an air conditioner, be sure to first take a look at AC Direct’s offers on our online store. Visit our site today to see our selection of air conditioning products, or get into contact with us for further details.

The Benefits of Using an Air Curtain at Your Premises

There are many ways to keep your indoor air spaces cool and contaminant free. But what happens when the air conditioning system in your building gets more complex? How do you keep different rooms at different temperatures even when there are openings between them? How do you stop contaminants from one room going into another? The answer is fairly simple. By buying and installing an air curtain for sale that provides your premises with that exact functionality.

So let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of doing so:

Run a More Cost-Effective Building

In situations where retail outlets or buildings prefer to keep doors open, it can be impossible for air conditioners to do what they need to. But you want to keep your shop open to invite customers in, and that’s where an air curtain comes in handy.

They work side by side with existing air conditioning systems to make them run more efficiently, by disallowing air from entering or leaving the room, even when a door is left open. This makes your air conditioning system work more effectively, resulting in a more cost-effective building.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

This cost-effectiveness has wider-reaching, positive implications not only for your business, its staff and clients, but also for the environment as a whole.

In this day and age of corporate responsibility to the planet we live on, it is the role of all businesses to be more energy efficient, so that they can play a part in preserving our home.

By using an air curtain, you will not only have a better indoor climate, but will be doing your part towards creating a better outdoor one too.

Maintain Open Spaces

Modern offices tend to take on an open-air design with wide doorways that are often enough, not even separated.

In these types of constructions, it can be difficult to find a cooling and heating solution.

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To find out more about our offers on air curtains for sale, be sure to get into contact with a representative from AC Direct today. Alternatively, take a look at our online store for further details on how to order heating and cooling products online.

How Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are Surprisingly Cost Effective

Generally speaking, any piece of machinery that generates heat is associated with high energy consumption and as a result, an added cost to your electricity bill. It is because of this reason that swimming pool heat pumps are often regarded as a luxury for those who can afford to run them for those cold months of the year. While this is fairly sound reasoning, it is also flawed. This is because these pumps have been specifically designed to not only be effective, but also extremely energy efficient.

The Reality of the Cost

With correctly functioning pumps, it is estimated that you can save up to 60% of your heating cost opposed to conventional heating methods, by using a heat pump. While at face-value this doesn’t seem quite right, there is a very good reason why.

Swimming pool heat pumps are designed specifically with efficiency in mind, and because of this, they don’t necessarily generate their own heat.

It Comes Down to Functionality

Swimming pool heat pumps work by drawing warm air from their surroundings so that it can be transferred to cold pool water, naturally and efficiently warming it. We call this process heat siphoning, and it is widely regarded as one of the most efficient ways to warm cold water.

The only power consumed during the pump’s operation is that which is used to power the fan (which enables the transfer), and the compressor. No electricity is consumed to do any actual heating.

This makes swimming pool heat pumps around four times more cost-effective than electric-pumps, three times more cost-effective than oil powered pumps, and about twice as cost-effective as gas powered heat-pumps; affording swimming pool owners with a unique and affordable solution for heating their pools during the coldest months of the year.

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