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Keeping It Cosy: Why Aircon Units Provide the Best Heating Solutions

During the hot summer months, your aircon works to keep you as cool as a cucumber- providing you with a much needed escape from the searing heat. We’re certain that you become the best of friends over the November to March months.

With winter upon us, there is no need to throw that friendship to the wayside. In fact, air conditioners provide some of the best heating solutions from a health, environmental, economic and energy-saving perspective! These reasons will have you keeping your aircon just as close in the winter months.

Heat Recovery

Heat exchange is the process whereby cool, incoming air flows in close proximity to warm, outgoing air in order to transfer energy that generates and retains heat, as opposed to losing it. This is exactly how air conditioning systems work and recover heat. The ventilation systems in air conditioners circulate fresh, warm air throughout your home, office or warehouse in a consistent and efficient manor, recovering heat for increased performance and better overall heating functionalities.


The process of this closed loop heat exchange and recovery means that air conditioning units are using less energy to generate the heat that they provide. As a result, aircons have proved to be significantly more cost effect than electric heaters and gas/paraffin heaters which require far more energy and money to keep running in order to heat up spaces.

Environmentally Conscious

Air conditioners are already more environmentally conscious than alternative heating methods because of the fact that they consume less energy to emit heat energy. Another way that they tick the box for environmentally conscious solutions, is the fact they require no ‘dirty fossil fuels’. They do not devour precious planetary resources and leave no harmful gaseous by-products that can damage the planet or you and your loved ones.

An Investment for Every Season

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why an aircon would be the kind of investment that left you feeling…warm. Couple that with the fact that it is the only system that can provide both cool and warm solutions for the optimal temperature through any season. Contact the team at AC Direct or visit their website to make a worthwhile investment.

Enjoying Your Pool in Winter with Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Winter is pretty much here but before you put the cover over the pool for the coming season you stare longingly into its icy waters and wish you were cold-blooded enough to enjoy a at least one more swim for the season. You likely wouldn’t do it, the reality is that winter-time is no time for swimming; unless you’re smart about it and invest in a swimming pool heat pump.

What are Swimming Pool Heat Pumps?

Swimming pool heat pumps, as their name suggests, are remarkable solutions for keeping your swimming pool temperate all year round, with temperatures of up to 43 degrees.

They do, however, work a little differently to swimming pool heaters, which is what sets them apart and provides them with their best advantage; their cost-effectiveness.

How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?

Unlike standard heaters, swimming pool heat pumps don’t generate their own heat. Rather, they circulate heat from outside air into the pool to warm its waters. This offers an effective means of controlling water temperatures but also makes them remarkably cost effective, since they require no heating elements (which are heavy on electricity) to get their jobs done.

Where can I Buy a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

If you are in the market for a swimming pool heat pump so that you can enjoy your pool throughout the year, contact a representative from AC Direct today, or take a look at our online store where you can make a purchase in a few simple steps.

How Easy is it to Buy an Air Conditioner Online?

Buying an air conditioner for your home or office doesn’t need to be a difficult task (and let’s be honest, who has time for difficult tasks that should be made easy?). The process of shopping around, finding out what you can about your desired product, making the purchase, lugging it home and finding a technician to install it are all tasks that seem to many people, difficult and unnecessary ones.

The digital age has made shopping a much easier task thanks to online stores, however, and when buying an aircon, online air conditioning stores offer the same type of benefits.

Spend More Time Doing Homework

When purchasing anything, the best decisions are made when you have as much information as you can gather, at your disposal. Often enough, purchasing in-store puts enough pressure on you to overlook a few details, and those details might be the difference between satisfaction and buyer’s remorse.

Shopping online, however, gives you the time and resources to research each product, their benefits, drawbacks and costs; allowing you to make a smart buyer’s choice.

This way product specifications can be viewed and compared with much more ease than if you were in store.

A Simple 3-Step Process

With the right online store, purchasing is generally done easily, often far more easily than being in-store. Our own online air conditioning store allows you to make purchases in three simple steps:


Browse through our collection of products (whether they be air conditioners, swimming pool heat pumps, accessories or hot water heat pumps). Select the product you want and add it to your cart.


Use our secure online payment portal to pay for your new product online.


When we deliver an air conditioner to you, it comes along with a service technician who will install it for you.
How Easy is it to Buy an Air Conditioner Online

Contact AC Direct or Visit our Online Store

Considering how simple it is to buy, pay for and install a product from our online air conditioning store, there are plenty of reasons for you to take the more convenient route when purchasing one.

For more information, or to view our collection of aircons, contact a representative from AC Direct today, or visit our website for details.

Improving your Home with a Hot Water Heat Pump

Hot water heat pumps are a remarkably effective and efficient way of heating water in your home, office or facility; and they do so at fat less of a cost that through conventional means such as a geyser.

By pulling warm air from the environment and then, deposits it into a tank at a higher temperature in order to heat water within it.

They work, therefore, by sourcing heat instead of generating it, and pumping it into a tank so that it can be used around your indoor spaces.

Heat in the Months When You Need it Most

This makes them particularly valuable in the winter months when there is definitely more strain being put on your geyser to produce enough hot water for everyone.

This means that when using them, that you are able to enhance the quality of life and comfort of your home, or place of work, with relative ease.

Efficient and Effective

Since hot water heat pumps don’t generate their own heat, they are remarkable efficient when it comes to power consumption.

In some cases, they have been estimated to be up to three times more efficient than standard geysers.

This means that they will not only put less strain on the national power grid, but will also save you a lot of money in the long-run on energy costs.

Works with or Without Conventional Geysers

Hot water heat pumps can come either as standalone units whereby they can provide a location with hot water at less of a cost than geysers, or they can be used in conjunction with them to take some of the strain off of them and your power bills. This means that you can opt for the approach that suits your needs the best, and will have ample hot water supplied to your home or place of work all through winter.

Contact AC Direct to Learn More

Interested in sourcing a hot water heat pump for yourself? Contact a representative from AC Direct today or visit our online store for details.

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