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Why You Should Repair Your Online Air Conditioning

System Regularly

So you’ve purchased your online air conditioning system from AC Direct. The good news is that you have chosen a company that provides the best online service, including delivery and installation.

Moreover, you have purchased a unit which is of the highest quality, ensuring that you receive exactly what you need however, have you thought about maintenance?

It is an important part of owning an air conditioning system as there will come a time when it is essential. Not all components within a unit will last and as such you need to repair and replace these items.

AC Directoffers you the opportunity to purchase systems online and have it delivered to your doorstep. AC Direct takes it a step further and will provide the repair service which many companies do not.

The good new is that AC Direct offers maintenance on all of their air conditioning systems. Whether you require your aircon during summer or winter, if it doesn’t work, you can’t keep cool or warm. Above this, there are a few good reasons as to why regular service maintenance is ideal.


Interestingly enough your air conditioner will lose a percentage of its efficiency every year. On average the efficiency lost is about 5%, and can only be stopped with expert maintenance. This maintenance will ensure that any lost efficiency is brought back.

You will be able to maintain your aircon efficiency when you decide to service it. With improved power consumption and faster cooling and heating times, you will never complain again.

When every component is working at the highest level, your aircon will follow suit. Moreover, you will be paying less on maintenance than if you have to replace an air conditioner every coupe of years.

Improve Lifespan

The lifespan of your air conditioner will most definitely improve when you service it regularly. With improved performance of parts and an increase in overall efficiency, your unit can last a lifetime. As time goes on, parts need to be replaced and certain blockages need to be dealt with.

When you choose a professional aircon maintenance provider, you will be able to eliminate these issues. Furthermore, you will be able to keep up to an average of 96% of all original efficiency.

In addition, the use of regular expert maintenance will double the life of any system which we supply.

Save On Expenditure

Did you know that an aircon that has not been regularly serviced will start to work harder to perform? What this means is that your unit will have to use more electricity in order to function at a high level.

The more you leave your system to sit, without maintenance, the more energy it will need. This increases your electricity costs time after time. The solution to this problem is quit simple. AC Direct offers maintenance checks and repairs to all of their clients.

All you have to do is request the service and we will provide the best air conditioner repair.

Improve The Air Quality

Yes, air conditioners have improved so much so that it helps in purifying the air. However, if left alone, the quality of the air will be affected when using the aircon. When the unit works correctly, it will keep your home or office cool, warm, and have control over humidity.

Poor air quality can become less when a unit is maintained and parts repaired. This is important as several health risks can occur when left unattended.

The best thing to do is to have a repairperson come in and make checks on the condition of your system.

Choose professionalism. Choose safety. Choose AC Direct.

Maintain The Warranty

Last, but most certainly not least, your warranty is also affected by the condition of your air conditioner. With an average warranty of 1 to 2 years on all new units, you want to ensure this is kept up to date.

The way this is maintained is through regular service from the date of installation. If you fail to service your unit effectively, or at all, the warranties may become null and void.

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