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Why You Should Get A Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming heat pumps are able to heat your pool all year round, while doing so in an efficient way. You will be able to enjoy your pool this autumn regardless of the cold weather creeping in.

The current state of lockdown means we will be at home throughout the cold season. What better way to spend it than with some fun in the pool, a braai and some quality family time.

We offer swimming pool heat pumps which will heat the water to your ideal temperature. By combining the swimming pool heat pump with the GeoBubble heat blanket, you will ensure optimum heating results.

Energy consumption is also a huge factor in our decision to start supplying swimming pool heat pumps over the electric option. With this, where there are many systems which use less energy, they do not provide the right degree of quality.

When it comes to our device, the system uses less while giving more to your swimming pool heating needs.

Cost Efficiency Of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

A system which does the job better than electric systems, and saves you money, benefits your bottom line. This is a huge benefit as you will be able to use your pool without worrying about expenses in the future.

The less energy you consume, the less money you will have to pay at the end of the month. However, this is not the only way in which the swimming pool heat pump system is cost effective compared to other units.

By purchasing our range of swimming pool heat pumps, you are choosing to purchase high quality at a lower price. The initial cost of the units are lower than other forms of the system. Compared to electric heat pumps, our heat pump does more, for a lower purchasing price.

Of course, the cost will increase to a degree in terms of operational costs. Operational costs include maintenance and repairs which will need to be done once a year. However, we have chosen units which do not increase in cost in respect to operational costs to such a degree that you will be overspending.

Environmentally Friendly

If the energy conservation, as well as cost efficiency is somehow not enough for you, they are also eco-friendly. With a world focused on reducing environmental impact, our goal is to supply you with swimming pool heat pumps that do just that.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, which makes swimming pool heat pumps a better alternative than other units. With this, it produces about 45% less CO2 than traditional fuels. The advantages of using natural gas includes its efficiency in combustion, and the quality production of heat and water vapour.

The technology used in our swimming pool heat pumps are designed to take positive steps towards being environmentally friendly. Our goal has always been to find systems which use technology which is helping rather than hurting.

This is why we supply Alliance products in order to provide you with a unit that does the job sustainably. Our responsibility is to have systems which will try help the environment, yours is to purchase these systems. By taking the step together we can help improve the environmental impact on the Earth.

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Long Lasting

Combining the swimming pool heat pump with the GeoBubble heat blanket is a great way to ensure the overall health of the system. The system is designed to last longer than other units, and will provide a higher level of quality.

The GeoBubble is able to trap the heat from the sun, as well as the warm water in the pool. This ensures that your pool is able to stay heated for longer periods of time. With this, it also retains the heat overnight, meaning that an early morning dip will be possible.

Pool upkeep costs are also decreased by 70%, while evaporation is decreased by about 90% due to the covering. Remember that evaporation still occurs during cold months, meaning that you will have to fill the pool up before use.

Water hygiene improves because of the fact that the cover reduces the amount of dust and debris within the pool. On top of this, there is also the overall look and feel which is improved.  The transparent blue cover illuminates at night when pool lights are switched on, creating a beautiful blue.

You are able to use both the swimming pool heat pump and GeoBubble for a number of domestic bodies of water. This includes residential pools, Jacuzzis, public pools, theme park water features and general water features.

The swimming pool heat pump itself is stabilised due to the use of the GeoBubble. Rather than having to work harder to heat the pool up, the cover keeps the system healthier for longer.

There is no stress in terms of having to continuously purchase a new system as it will last for years. On top of this, your swimming pool heat pump will be heated year round, without fear of constant maintenance.

In fact, most units are able to last for approximately10 years without the need to replace it.

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Maintenance Of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

AC Direct offers maintenance services for swimming pool heat pumps once you have purchased your unit.

Swimming pool heat pumps will be able to be repaired and serviced when need be. The unit only needs to go for maintenance about once a year; there will be a routine annual check-up.

Fill in the details on the Repairs page, and we will get one of our accredited installers on the job. Your unit will be re-installed and if repairs are needed, we will ship the unit in for repairs.

The Perfect Swimming Pool Heat Pump For You

We are professionals when it comes to the installation of the swimming pool heat pumps. We will deliver your swimming pool heat pumps and install it right away.

PoolCulator, a system which allows you to calculate the capacity needed from your pool heat pump is available for free. Provide the size of your pool, average depth and desired temperature, and the right pool heat pump which will work best for you will be calculated.

Our calculator allows you to get all the information you need, without having to do hours of research. With this, we are also able to install the right swimming pool heat pump. This ensures that you are getting the efficiency required from your swimming pool heat pumps.

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