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Keeping It Cosy: Why Aircon Units Provide the Best Heating Solutions

During the hot summer months, your aircon works to keep you as cool as a cucumber- providing you with a much needed escape from the searing heat. We’re certain that you become the best of friends over the November to March months.

With winter upon us, there is no need to throw that friendship to the wayside. In fact, air conditioners provide some of the best heating solutions from a health, environmental, economic and energy-saving perspective! These reasons will have you keeping your aircon just as close in the winter months.

Heat Recovery

Heat exchange is the process whereby cool, incoming air flows in close proximity to warm, outgoing air in order to transfer energy that generates and retains heat, as opposed to losing it. This is exactly how air conditioning systems work and recover heat. The ventilation systems in air conditioners circulate fresh, warm air throughout your home, office or warehouse in a consistent and efficient manor, recovering heat for increased performance and better overall heating functionalities.


The process of this closed loop heat exchange and recovery means that air conditioning units are using less energy to generate the heat that they provide. As a result, aircons have proved to be significantly more cost effect than electric heaters and gas/paraffin heaters which require far more energy and money to keep running in order to heat up spaces.

Environmentally Conscious

Air conditioners are already more environmentally conscious than alternative heating methods because of the fact that they consume less energy to emit heat energy. Another way that they tick the box for environmentally conscious solutions, is the fact they require no ‘dirty fossil fuels’. They do not devour precious planetary resources and leave no harmful gaseous by-products that can damage the planet or you and your loved ones.

An Investment for Every Season

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why an aircon would be the kind of investment that left you feeling…warm. Couple that with the fact that it is the only system that can provide both cool and warm solutions for the optimal temperature through any season. Contact the team at AC Direct or visit their website to make a worthwhile investment.