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Impending Springtime, Hay-Fever & Air Purifiers

With spring around the corner, this always marks an exciting time of the year for some. For others, an increase in the amount of pollen in the air during Springtime means something else, a continuous and seemingly unescapable battle with hay fever. This season we have something that will help you foster a sanctuary from the discomfort of pollen allergies; air purifiers.

Springtime Means More Pollen, & Hay Fever

While Springtime is generally associated with reawakening, freshness and new starts, it also brings with it higher levels of pollen in the air which are often inescapable. For many, there is no consequence to this, but for those sensitive to hay fever, even the smallest amounts of it in the air can lead to inflammation and discomfort.

What are Air Purifiers

Air purifiers offer the perfect solution to this. Typically, they are used to reduce the levels of contaminants in indoor air, which makes them ideal for reducing pollen counts as well. They are effective at trapping pollen spores.
This allows homes to keep pollen spore levels in their indoor air low, which effectively allows them to create a sanctuary where they are not bothered by hay-fever.

Other Benefits of Air Purifiers

Of course, air purifiers are not just for those who suffer from hay fever.
They are great for removing a number of contaminants from the air. This creates a better environment for anyone with allergies or respiratory disorders such as asthma.

In addition they are also effective at removing unpleasant odours, making them ideal for homes with pets and smokers living in them.

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