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Heating Homes with an Air Conditioner

Online Air conditioning stores. Not typically something associated with heating, as much as it is with cooling.

But the hint is right there in the name. An air conditioner is a climatic device, something that conditions the environment. The stigma makes it easy to overlook their other functions, those that go above and beyond lowering the temperature.

There are several reasons why air conditioners are somewhat evergreen in their application. As we move through autumn now and eventually into winter, your air conditioner can still be the ideal partner for the climate of your office.

They are as adept at heating a room as cooling it and can do so just as efficiently as most other appliances. In fact, conventional heating and aircon heating are two different types of temperature control.

Air conditioners, however, will likely do a few things that typical heating solutions do not.

Don’t Just Heat the Air: Filter It

Regular heaters are just as effective as the right AC when it comes to heating a room, but an aircon can also do a lot to improve the quality of indoor air at the same time.

Air conditioners filter a great number of particles from the air, many of which may contain pathogens or allergens.

This makes airconditioning units ideal for use in the winter time, when people are generally more susceptible to falling ill because of contaminants in the air.

So, by using an AC to heat your home or office, you are not only making it a little more comfortable, but safer too.

Why Aircons Are Better For Heating

You could get the above results by adding humidifiers, de-humidifiers, heaters, fans, and other climate control devices to the mix, but the clutter and the cost are, well to put it frankly, impractical.

The right air conditioner will do the job of a number of these appliances in one neat little package and will cost far less in terms of investment, running, as well as where maintenance and services are concerned.

Works on a Timer

Another great feature that makes aircons perfect for heating, is a function that is as evergreen as an aircon itself. There are two in-fact. The sleep function and the sleep timer.

The sleep function will allow the aircon to operate noiselessly, which is ideal for those light sleepers or people who are easily distracted by sound.

The timer, on the other hand, allows you to pre-determine when the unit will be turned on and off. So, it can be ready before you wake up, turn off once you are asleep, or even maintain a constant temperature throughout the day.

Safe Way To Heat Your Home / Office

It is important to remember that not all air conditioners have the functionality needed to be able to heat a room as well as cool it. You need to find an AC that has the right functionality, more specifically, a built in heat pump as well.

These components not only allow your unit to reverse its function, but also make them an efficient way to heat your home. Far more than many other approaches to heating.

Unfortunately, these types of air conditioning units are generally more expensive than their cooling-only counterparts, but give you much better value for money in the long-run, and so are almost always well worth it.

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